Beyond Loss in a Pandemic: Find Hope and Move Through Grief After Someone Close to You Dies

If you lost a relative, friend, or colleague before or during the COVID-19 pandemic, you know how difficult it can be to feel whole again, particularly at a time of uncertainty and isolation. With Beyond Loss in a Pandemic, Linda Donovan takes a compassionate and practical approach to help people move through their grief during this surreal period or at any time they might need help in the future.

Linda offers insight from her perspective as a grief support volunteer for hospice, where she has helped countless people to rebuild their lives, and from her own experience with loss.

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After Loss: Hope for Widowers, Widowers, and Partners

With After Loss, Linda Donovan provides a compassionate approach to help people rebuild their lives while tending to their grief. Linda experienced grief when she lost her husband to cancer. She offers deep insight from her perspective as a grief-support volunteer for hospice, where she has helped countless widows, widowers, partners, and their families. Linda shares how you can work through your grief and move forward at a comfortable pace. Through her own personal experience, best practices, and creative exercises, she lays out a road map to assist you in adjusting to your new life.

Tech Grief: Survive and Thrive Through Career Losses

Tech Grief describes the many career losses IT workers or people who work for technology companies experience and then defines a roadmap to healing, one that embraces the logical/analytical brain while employing tools to engage and heal the emotional pain of loss. Tech Grief is a pocket self-help career kit for the technology worker and people who have other jobs in the tech industry. Although the examples focus on this population, the guidance and processes can be of use to anyone in other industries who has to deal with a career loss.

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